10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine: Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever looked at some people from South Korea and felt jealous about their skin. They have the smoothest and the most flawless skin that almost looks photoshopped.

In the last couple of years, the 10-step Korean skincare routine has been trending all over the internet. People from across the globe have tried to implement this country-specific skincare regimen that has become the hallmark of South Korea.

What is a 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine?

The Korean skincare routine that has become popular among people that take skincare seriously is a 10 step regimen of taking care of your skin. Like anything else in South Korea, it is backed up with a lot of science. The sequence of the steps can be scientifically explained. There is a lot of thought behind each step and what it is preceded and followed by. The actual products that Koreans implement are meticulously picked and chosen.

Here are the three main functions that this slightly complicated routine performs:

•    It cleanses the skin and removes the gunk that collects in the pores. Unclogging pores prevents future breakouts.

•    Makes the skin smoother by removing dead cells.

•    Results in an even complexion.

•    Balances and protects the skin.

There is a misconception among people that this 10-step routine must be done two times a day, and all the steps are necessary for each time. This is not true. The ten products are the ones that you choose to incorporate into your routine in general. You do not need to use all the ten products on every day of the week and what is more unrealistic, twice a day. If you are disciplined enough to do that, that’s fine. But it is up to you which of the ten steps you decide to stick to each day. Of course, the simple ‘cleanse-moisturize’ routine should stay unaltered.

Here are the ten steps of the world-famous skincare routine.

1.      Double Cleansing

Koreans start the 10-step routine with cleansing. Most of the time it is double cleansing – the skin is washed with an oil cleanser first, after which they pass on to a regular foamy cleanser. Oil helps break down the makeup and SPF layer. The second cleanser removes the rest of the residue and leaves the skin nice and clean. Double cleansing is only necessary if you have makeup on so in the morning you can wash your face with water or with a cleanser only.

2.      Exfoliation

Removing the dead layer of the skin with a gentle exfoliator helps to reveal a fresh layer of the skin and give it a much smoother and even appearance. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week with a product that suits your skin type is a way to avoid breakouts caused by clogged pores.

3.      Toner

Toning the face is one of the steps that can be omitted. If you have dry skin, try to get past toners that contain alcohol. If you still want to use one, go for toners that are moisturizing and pH-balanced.

4.      Essence

Using essence is like putting down a foundation for the rest of your skincare products. Essence is a serum-like fluid with a watery or milky consistency. The main difference is that it is less concentrated. Using essence helps the rest of the products penetrate deeper into the skin and work their magic more efficiently.

5.      Serum / Ampoule

Serums are concentrated fluids that aim at solving different skin issues. You can use serums to solve such skin problems as excessive dryness, acne, not even complexion, etc.). There are a lot of active ingredients in serums. If you think you need something more powerful, try to use ampoules. They are packed with even more active ingredients and help to fight the most severe problems.

6.      Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are easy alternatives for regular masks that may require more time and effort. They are meant to be used once. Sheet masks are packed with serums, and you are meant to leave them on for about 15-20 minutes. You can use these mask 2-3 times a week if you need a good boost of hydration or need to calm your skin.

7.      Eye Cream

Eye cream is designed to moisturize the ultra-thin skin around your eyes where crow’s feet and fine lines are bound to appear. However, if you use eye cream regularly before they show up, you’ll see a marked difference in how old you look.

8.      Moisturizer

Moisturizers add an additional layer of moisture to the skin and lock in everything that you have pampered yourself with before. Since you have done so much work on the previous steps of your routine, a thin layer is all you need to seal everything in so that they won’t evaporate.

9.      Seeping Mask

Your nighttime skincare routine should be finished off with a sleeping mask. Skin regeneration goes into overtime while you sleep, and no- rinse sleeping masks make the most of this process. These masks are packed with active ingredients, these mask should be applied 2-3 times a week.

10.      SPF

Applying SPF is the last step of the morning Korean skincare routine. Make sure that you choose suitable sunscreen for your skin. SPF helps avoid sun damage and protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays. It also prevents premature ageing, as the sun is the number one enemy of a wrinkle-free face.

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