5 Awesome Beauty Product Organization Tips

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Almost all girls, at some point in their life, are running into the problem of storing their cosmetics. Over time, so much makeup and beauty products get accumulated that it is becoming hard to store them the right way.

However, although it may be a tedious work to organize all the beauty products you own, you should definitely do that, as it comes with the following benefits:

•    Having organized drawers makes you feel good. Having shelves and drawers with products that are in order will put you in a good mood every time you are ready to do your self-care routine.

•    You will find what you need much more easily. Organizing stuff and knowing what is where will help you find things quickly, especially if you are someone that has a big makeup or a skincare collection.

•    Organized drawers and shelves allow you to make use of what you have. In the majority of the time, in the clutter of makeup or skincare products, we don’t really know what we have. So, we stick to the same products and use them over and over again. Organizing will help you to make good use out of the products you like.

Tips for Organizing Beauty Products

There are many ways of organizing the beauty products you own. But before you get into organizing, an essential step is to get rid of everything that is either expired or never used. This way, you will be able to keep only products that you can actually make use of. Additionally, you will not spend time organizing products that you are eventually going to throw away.

The second important step is to organize your collection in such a way that the products you use every day are easily reached.

Once you are done with sorting out your collection and deciding which products you use the most, make use of the following tips to have a well-organized beauty space.

1.    Use transparent acrylic boxes.

Acrylic storage containers are one of the best ways to organize products. Not only do they look good, but they allow you to see what is inside of the box. They make it easy to find something, and you do not have to dig into the drawers and pull everything out to find what you have been looking for.

Additionally, some of the acrylic storage boxes are already divided into containers which makes the job two times less tedious.

2.    Use dividers to organize your drawers. 

No matter how hard you try to organize the drawers, everything gets messed up and cluttered within a couple of days even if you are trying to keep everything organized and divided into sections.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use dividers or organizer trays. Each part will serve for a particular kind of product, and your drawers will look more organized than ever.

3.    Use jars to organize brushes and pencils.

If you have too many brushes and are having a hard time keeping them all at hand, then jars are what you need. It is not always convenient to keep the brushes organized in their cases and it takes time to put them all back into the case, especially when you are running late. So, taking a beautiful glass jar and putting your brushes in it is a great solution.

The same goes for lip liners, eyeliners, and all other products that are possible to be stored in jars.

4.    Shoeboxes will come in handy.

Many products are too bulky or too tall to be kept in organizers or even drawers. In this case, the good old shoeboxes come to help. They are especially useful for products that you do not use every day.

You can make them look fancier by covering them with a wrapping-paper of your choice.

5.    Make use of the fridge.

Did you know that there are certain beauty products that you can and are even recommended to keep in the fridge? Many specialists and beauty gurus suggest keeping eye creams in the refrigerator. Almost all people wake up with puffy eyes and applying some cold eye cream under the eyes is the best way to get rid of swollen under eyes.

If you are a fan of organic beauty products, make sure to organize them in a small section in your fridge. Natural products do not contain chemicals and preservatives, which means that they are getting spoiled much quickly and easily. Keeping them in the refrigerator will prolong their life.

Other products you can keep in the fridge are anti-acne prescription creams, anti-itch creams, sunscreen, and perfume.

Keeping beauty products in the refrigerator has become so popular that some brands have come up with mini skincare fridges. If you don’t want to keep your beauty products next to your food, you can opt for a separate mini-fridge for your cosmetics.

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