7 Common Skincare Mistakes

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It is no news that skincare has transformed from simple and straightforward cleansing with just soap and water to skincare routines that are more indulging and take into accounts the specific needs of the skin. The ‘’Korean skincare routine’’ a great example that is popularly known across the world. We all have the best interests for our skin. After all, we all want healthy and beautiful skin. But in our quest to achieve this, without even realizing it, we get involved in habits and practices that harm our skin. 

1. Exfoliating too often

The reason behind exfoliation is to get rid of dead cells on the skin that make your skin look dull and can be frustrating to people when they see themselves in the mirror. After the exfoliation process, the skin gets a glow and feels quite smooth. However, too much exfoliation can cause irritation and dehydration to the skin. It can also stimulate melanin production, resulting in hyperpigmentation. It is essential to know that it takes time for dead cells to generate on the skin and so, exfoliation should not be done too often. Skin experts recommend exfoliating once a week for great results.

2. Use of products not formulated for your skin 

You may have already purchased all these skincare products from moisturizers, toners, cleansers to exfoliators. After using them, you were not able to get the results you hoped for. From time to time, you had to change to different brands, but still, you didn’t see any significant change. Maybe you are using products that are not formulated for your skin type. You will need then to understand what your skin type is and what it needs before purchasing skincare products. 

3. Leaving your skin bare for more than a minute

Leaving your skin bare after cleansing only exposes it to the harshness of the surrounding environment. Your skin will start to dry out and will appear dehydrated and flaky. Care to apply a toner and moisturizer every other time and immediately after you cleanse your face to protect it from dryness and UV rays from the sun. Plan to do this every night after you cleanse your face before going to sleep to keep your skin moisturized and toned.

4. Touching your face with bare hands

Many people have this habit of touching their faces with their hands without even knowing how much effect it could have on the health of their skin. Others even don’t mind when other people touch their faces. I agree that touching can be a way of showing affection to a person, but it can also be the reason why your skin shows no signs of improvements despite investing so much on it. Avoid touching your face to keep away bacteria and dirt from getting in contact with skin.

5. Use of bar soap as cleanser

With the intention to use bar soaps as a way of removing dirt from your skin, it is essential to know that bar soaps are not formulated for skincare use but for other domestic uses. They can be too harsh for your skin because of the high PH levels, and this can strip off your skin and cause it to dry. Bar soaps can irritate your skin, causing blemishes, development of pimples on your face, and then again giving you another difficult task of seeking treatment.

6. Pimple popping

Pimples are so much annoying. Especially when you are on your periods, and because of hormonal imbalance, you will most likely get breakouts during this period of the month. One or even several pimples may appear on your face and ultimately affect the way you look at yourself. As much as you may want to get rid of these little monsters immediately, keep in mind that popping them with bare hands is not the right way to do this. It will only leave your skin with scars that will take a while before they disappear. So, learn to keep off popping pimples and understand that when the pimple is ready to pop, it will, without you even noticing. 

7. Sleeping without tying up your hair

Some women have the habit of going to bed without wearing a head wrap or sleeping bonnet. Without doing this, your hair will get in contact with your face while you are fast asleep. Oils and treatments in the hair will get to your face, and this is not good for your face skin because they are not meant for your face. They will end up causing irritations on your face, which can manifest as pimples or rashes. Always care enough to cover your head before going to bed to avoid this.

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