7 DIY Natural Skincare

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The cost of living is increasing each day. The prices of cosmetics have risen to a point where only the wealthy class can afford to buy. The demand of these cosmetics is also high. Today, age is just a number for a woman since both old and young females want to look beautiful and attractive. A normal woman will spend one year of her life and thousands of dollars for makeups alone, which could have been used to engage in other meaningful activities. It is more difficult for those who cannot afford to buy cosmetics. There is good news for those who cannot afford cosmetic. Natural products, which are less costly, are now available. Unlike cosmetics that contain very harmful ingredients, which poses significant dangers to the health of the skin, natural products are pure and free from chemicals. They will leave your skin clean and safe. Here are the simple ways to keep your skin clean and healthy using natural products.

1. Moisturizing the Nails

Nails protect the tips of fingers and toes. Making them look beautiful gives you the confidence to greet and interact with your friends without feelings of shame. You can quickly tell the cleanliness of a person by looking at how clean the nails are. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, there are some health conditions, which lead to brittle nails. Other activities that contribute to brittle nails comprise using chemical products in cleaning, washing clothes, and dishes. Olive oil is an excellent natural product used to keep nails moist. It penetrates and softens the nails in addition to improving the repairing of the damaged ones. Since it’s natural, it does not have side effects on the skin and the body as a whole.

2. Raw Honey Face Mask

The face can be made to appear smooth simply by applying raw honey. It fosters the natural survival of healthy flora and fauna on the skin, which makes it appropriate for treating acne. This honey is also a natural exfoliator when applied to the face since it helps in naturally peeling off dry, dull skin and the resurfacing of the new one. Instead of struggling to buy expensive cosmetics, use raw honey, which can easily be found. It also does not contain chemical ingredients that are harmful to the health of the skin.

3. Coconut Oil as a Natural Shaving Cream

Coconut oil is used as a shaving cream as an alternative to the commonly used artificial shaving creams. This oil prevents skin irritation, itchiness, and dehydration after shaving. Coconut and their oils are cheaper than synthetic shaving creams. 

4. Use of Dry Brushing To Massage the Body 

Dry brushing means using a natural-bristle brush to gently but firmly brush the skin. Typically, it is done before taking a shower. It’s a simple detoxification process for the skin. This process makes the skin healthier by improving the circulation of blood. Additionally, dry brushing eliminates dead skin, strengthens the immune system, and improves hormonal functioning. It is cheap and an easy way of treating the skin compared to buying and using massage creams.

5. Oranges for Elbows and Knees

Different components of the skin, such as sebum, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, and other germs are responsible for black patches around the elbows and knees. The skin around these regions is rough and hard. You can make it soft and smooth by rubbing around the parts with half-pieces of oranges. A mixture of dry orange powder mixed with raw milk and rose water forms a strong paste, that when scrubbing around the elbows and knees, can remove the patches. All of these are natural products.

6. Banana and Egg-Hair Treatment Method

Bananas are sweet fruits with high levels of vitamins and potassium, while eggs are rich in proteins and calcium. Most importantly, bananas contain silica, which helps the body to synthesize collagen in addition to making the hair thicker and stronger. As such, dandruff symptoms can be relieved by eating bananas. They have antimicrobial properties that can reduce flaky and dry scalp. 

7. Treat Skin Irritation by Aloe Vera

For irritating and sunburned skin, Aloe Vera is ideal for use. Its gel possesses cooling properties, which soothes the skin exposed to the sun for an extended period. It boosts collagen and fights bacteria. The plant is 99% water for rehydrating the skin. It’s used as an anti-aging agent by mitigating wrinkle formation.

Overall, natural products are the best due to increased safety and effectiveness in fostering skin beauty and health. They are relatively cheaper compared to synthetic cosmetics. Lastly, do not have adverse side effects on the skin and the entire body. Dermatologists have tested and proven that to keep the skin healthy and clean; it is essential to embrace the use of natural products. 

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