7 Korean Skincare Hacks That You Should Add to Your Skincare Routine

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Korea’s skincare industry is no wonder one of the leading beauty industries across the world. The Korean beauty industry emphasis not only on skincare products but also on different methods, techniques, and lifestyle practices that are useful in achieving healthy, beautiful, and glowing skin.  Physical appearance is very important to people as it helps in improving their self-confidence. Every woman across the world wishes and hopes to achieve healthy and beautiful skin that will help them stand out anywhere. I have compiled a number of hacks to the Korean skincare routine.

1. Double cleansing

People who wear makeup will find this hack very useful. Double cleansing ensures that all makeup products used by a person on their face are removed completely. It gets rid of all makeup debris deep in the skin that blocks the skin pores. The first step of double cleansing is by use of an oil cleanser in removing the makeup. After that, clean your face for a second time with foam/soap. This second step in double cleansing where foam/soap is used to removes all makeup residue from the pores of the skin. Do this, and you will see a significant change in the appearance of your skin.

2. 10-second rule

An excellent hack that ensures that your skin will get to absorb the skincare products fully into your skin. Many skincare experts have found out that the application of skincare products should be done within 10 seconds after cleansing or taking a shower to get the best results from the skincare products. After cleansing or taking a shower, your face pores are open enough and more receptive to absorbing the skincare products into the skin. Then, massage in the skincare products into the pores of the skin in circular motions.


3. Rice water

This has been in use since the old traditional days, especially in Korea, as a great recipe to beautiful and vibrant skin. Rice water has benefits that all women look for in many beauty products. For a very long time, rice water has been used by women when washing their faces for these skin benefits. Using rice water and incorporating it in the skincare routine gives your skin anti-aging benefits as well as moisturizing effects. Use this beauty hack in your skincare routine and be ready to observe tremendous and positive changes in your skin, both in appearance and texture of the skin.

4. Air drying your skin

Are you still using your towel to dry your face? Get rid of it already. Using a towel could have a damaging effect on your skin because of its rough texture. Bacteria also tend to breed up in our towels, no matter how many times we clean them. This is definitely not good for the health of your skin. Instead, after washing your face or after taking a shower, give it time to get air-dried. When the results start to show on your skin, you will be happy that you incorporated this hack in your routine. Thank me later.

5. Massaging your face

 Do you suffer from inflammations on your face? Massaging your face will help you manage this condition. Koreans swear by this process of face massaging to reduce puffiness on your face. Massaging your face will help in the proper circulation of blood all through your face. It will also help in reducing tensions in your face muscles. Start massaging your face when applying beauty products like moisturizers and toners. Do this in circular motions across your face. Massaging your face is a game-changer to your whole skincare routine. Give it a try.

6. Use of night time face masks

Skin rejuvenation happens during the night when we are asleep. New skin cells are generated to replace the worn out and dead skin cells. Getting adequate sleep becomes very important for the skin renewal process to happen. Before going to bed, you can add a night time mask on your face to boost up the skin rejuvenation process. The nighttime mask helps to reduce the dullness of the skin while intensely moisturizing it. Care to get a good nighttime mask to protect your skin throughout the night while providing great benefits to it.

7. Mouth exercising

Try this mouth exercise, say the vowels ‘’a, e, i, o, u’’ in an exaggerated manner every day in front of your mirror. You may find this very funny because of how ridiculous you may look when saying the vowels out loud. But then, we have to do what we have to do. Just like your body needs exercising to help with tightening of the muscles, you face also needs exercises. The mouth exercising is useful in engaging your face muscles, causing them to tighten and, as such, prevent your skin from sagging.

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