Beauty Trends Fall / Winter 2019

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Everyone interested in beauty even a little bit is always waiting for the upcoming season’s beauty trends impatiently.

It is always interesting to know what the beauty industry will look like during the next season. It is exciting to see whether we have any chances to ‘make use’ of the beauty trends and fit in.

Makeup beauty trends of the year are generally featured on the runways and during the fashion shows. The world-known makeup artists create models’ looks incorporating the upcoming trends, thus setting the mood for the average consumer.

Trend-lovers, who want to keep up with the pace and go hand in hand with the novelties, often face one problem. Beauty trends that are on runway models’ faces are not so wearable for everyday life.

If you want to stay ahead of time and keep up with the trends but at the same time are not bold enough to do runway looks and go out and about, you should try to tone them down a bit and make them wearable for day to day life.

Beauty trends of 2019 fall-winter are a mix of classic and modern. Some trends will take you back in time, and on the contrary, some will make you feel like we are in 2030.

So, here are the beauty trends of fall/winter 2019.


The Red Lip

The red lip is back and better than ever. Classic beauty lovers will especially be thrilled for the return of this beauty trend.

Matt or velvet red-toned lips are back. In this season, berry lips should be paired with minimal makeup. However, the emphasis should be on the skin. It is crucial to put a lot of effort into having a beautiful and even skin tone for the red lip to pop.

This beauty trend is quite easy to incorporate into the daily routine. Whether you are going to an event and need some elegant touch to the look, or just want some color to the face while running errands, this look will do no wrong.


Blush is Back

Blushed cheeks are in trend for fall/winter 2019. For the fall time, however, warm-toned orange or nude blushes are much more appropriate, unless cool-toned pink is what you are going for.

Warm blushes will help you create the overall bronzy and glowy look that is also very trendy this year.

Even if you are not a blush lover, try to find the right tone for you. A little flush on the apples of the cheeks always gives a much younger and fresher appearance to the face.

Graphic Eyes

This year the runways have been rich with models with interesting and out-of-the-box eye looks.

For this season, graphic eyes are back. This kind of eye looks also have a retro and a futuristic vibe to them.

This beauty trend is not the easiest to implement in your daily beauty routine unless you are not afraid of experimenting. If you want to try a graphic eye look, take some colorful eyeliner and shadows, look at some inspiration photos of models walking down the runways and try to replicate what seems most wearable to you.


Smokey Eyes

Makeup For Hazel Eyes Smokey Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes Makeup Styles –[/caption]

Makeup For Hazel Eyes Smokey Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes Makeup Styles –[/caption]

Another fall/winter 2019 trend that has made happy a lot of traditional beauty lovers is the smokey eye trend.

This season smokey eyes can be created with natural tones. However, the signature black smokey eye is also in trend. In the past, this kind of eye makeup was paired with a full face of heavy makeup. This year, however, it is complemented by a fresh face and tied-back hair. This way, more focus is on the eyes.

The smokey eye trend can be the best choice for special occasions and events for average beauty-lover throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020.


Disco Eyes

Glittery eyes are back in fall/winter 2019 and shinier than ever. There have been so many models on the best runways of the world with fun, and glittery eye looks.

On the runways, however, makeup artists use chunkier glitters on the models. Perhaps because they need to be seen from far away. In day to day life, however, you can apply your favorite glitter in the inner corner or right in the middle of the lid to give your face some sparkle and shine and be on-trend.


Groomed Brows

In the last few seasons, wild and bushy brows have become a common thing. There was no need to worry about structure. Naturally, wild brow hairs were in trend.

This year, however, the beauty industry has toned down the bushy brows a little bit. The brow trend for fall/winter 2019 is a groomed brow that gives a cleaner appearance to the face.

However, when it comes to brows, there are no trends. Everyone should try to maintain brows that best suit their face.

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