1.Q: If the working voltage of the product sold in the store is suitable for my country?
    A: The IPL hair remover works with 100-240V. There are EU/US/UK plugs for Lescolton IPL hair remover. We will attach the FREE plug convertor for your country if there is any need.


2. Q:How this IPL device works? If there any blade?
    A:The IPL device do not have any blade. It work with IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to break the cycle of hair regrowth. Gentle pulses of light are applied at the root of hair, shrink hair follicle, then after several treatment, the hair is prevented from growing back. Portable design enable you to treat hair easily and effectively at home.


3. Q:What is the function of the lamp with different color?
    A:Yellow lamp for hair removal (HR), red lamp for skin rejuvenation (SR).


4. Q:Where we can get the lamp head or other spare parts for IPL hair remover?
    A: Please do not worry about it, you can buy those parts in our store.


5. Q:Should I use gel when I use the IPL hair remover?
   A:It is always suggested to shave your hair one day before using the device and clean the skin before use. You do not need to use any gel when you use this product.


6. Q:Can I sunbath before or after hair removal?
    A: It is suggested to have 4-5 weeks interval between the sunbath and hair removal.


7. Q:Why I can not see any result after using this product?
    A: The working principle is to shrink hair follicle so that to stop the hair from growing, usually after using for 8-12 weeks, you can see the hair grow thiner and slower. Continuous use is needed for maintaining the result.


8. Q: Are all your product certified?
    A:Yes, all products sold in our store are all original and brand new, and they all have the CE and ROHS certifications.