How to Groom Your Eyebrows?

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Some people say that the eyes are the most important part of the face. This quite an arguable point as without properly shaped and groomed eyebrows even the most expressive eyes look a little incomplete.

In the last couple of years, there have been many eyebrow trends in the beauty industry. Eyebrows have come a long way. Everything started in the 2000s with extremely thin eyebrows. Then there was a time when overly bushy and not trimmed brows were on the peak of fashion.

 This year, trimmed and neatly groomed eyebrows are in trend, and this is extremely good as they suit everyone without exception. Although, for the sake of fairness, it should be noted that no matter what is fashionable and what isn’t, eyebrows are so important that the wisest decision is to keep them in the shape that best suits your face.

Why Are Eyebrows Important? 

Have you ever noticed that your makeup looks incomplete whenever you do your whole face and try to leave your brows as they are? Eyebrows play such an important role that it is better to pay more attention to them rather than to other parts of the face. Here are multiple reasons why neatly groomed eyebrows are important.

•   Eyebrows frame and sculpt the face. Eyebrows of perfect length for the face shape it perfectly. They even have the superpower of making the forehead wider or the nose slimmer.

•   Eyebrows play a crucial role in facial expressions. You might have seen people who always seem amazed or angry, and that is because of the wrong shape of the brows.

•   Groomed eyebrows give a neater look to the face. It is especially vital to tweeze grown out brows when you are not going to wear makeup. Neat eyebrows make you look presentable and put-together.

How to Groom Your Eyebrows: Ultimate Guide 

To have perfectly groomed eyebrows, it is not always necessary to go to expensive salons. You can accomplish perfectly groomed eyebrows on your own by following a few simple ‘rules.’

1.     Tweeze your brows after taking a shower.

For some girls, tweezing eyebrows is a real nightmare because of how much it hurts. Taking a good hot shower before you tweeze the grown out brows will reduce pain. Take the best pair of tweezers you have and start plucking. Hot water opens up the hair follicles, and it becomes much easier and pain-free to get rid of unwanted brow hair.

2.     Find the best brow shape for your face.

Many people struggle with finding the right shape of the brows for their face. Little do they know that there are a simple technique and a few simple rules to follow to find the most flattering shape for their facial features. The secret is finding the spots where your brows should start, end, and where the arch should be located.

To determine the right shape of your eyebrows, take a brow pencil, and start measuring. 

Firstly, to determine where your brows should start, try to align the front parts of your eyebrows with your nostrils.

To see where your brows should end ideally, place the pencil at an angle so that it is against the end of your nose and the eye. Putting the pencil at such an angle helps to find the perfect place where the tail of your brow should be.

Finding where the arch of the brow should be is not difficult either. Place the pencil on the tip of your nose. Then adjust the angle so that the pencil goes over the pupil. The end of the pencil will indicate the natural place of the arch of your brow.

3.     Good lighting is key.

Try to pluck your eyebrows in daylight. This way, you will avoid any eyebrow catastrophes and will not have to grow them out for another two months to get them in the right shape.

4.     Avoid using a magnifying mirror.

Magnifying mirrors sometimes come in handy but not when you are tweezing your brows. With a mirror that shows every single hair, you may get carried away and pluck out a lot of necessary brow hair. If you are not sure in your ability to stop when it’s time to do so, avoid using a magnifying mirror.

No matter what mirror you use, take a step back every couple of minutes, and have a look at the bigger picture.

5.     Get to trimming.

A little trimming is good when you are going for a perfectly groomed brow look. Take a pair of small scissors and a spoolie. Brush up the front part of your brows and trim a little the ends of the hairs if they are too long. Then, brush down the tail and give it a slight trim too.

6.     Finish off with a brow gel. Once you are done with the ritual of getting your brows groomed, take a clear brow gel, and set everything in place. If your brows are sparse, you can fill the

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