How to Keep Your Makeup Fresh All Day: Tips and Tricks

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For many people, keeping the makeup last all day and look fresh is a problem they face in hotter seasons, like spring and summer. However, this is a four-season problem for those who put their makeup on first thing in the morning and go about their 8-hour working day.

It is a real pain in the neck to know that you spend hours doing your makeup, leave the house looking gorgeous, and a few hours later there is not even a trace of that beautiful makeup look on your face.

But every problem has a solution. Incorporating some small changes and helpful techniques into your everyday makeup routine will help you look better hours after you have done your makeup.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your makeup fresh all day long.

1. Wash and exfoliate your face

Before painting your face, remember that it does not matter how much makeup you are going to put on; it will not look good without a fresh, clean, and smooth canvas.

2. Moisturize and prime

To further prepare your makeup for extended wear, make sure to moisturize your skin properly. Let the moisturizer sink in for 15-20 and then go in with the primer. In the case of both the primer and the moisturizer, it is highly essential to choose products that fit your skin type.

If you are oily, use oil-controlling products.

If you have combination skin, make sure to multi-prime: use a mattifying primer on the T-zone and hydrating one on the parameters of the face.

3. Set the eyes

Most people have trouble keeping their eyeshadow fresh throughout the day, especially if they have oily eyelids. If the beautiful eye look you have created in the morning either fades and disappears or creases and ruins your whole look, take some translucent powder on a big fluffy brush and set the eyes.

4. Set the liner

Many people love the cat-eye look but do not wear it often enough because the liner smudges everywhere within a couple of hours and they have to make a lot of effort to fix it on the go. The solution to this problem is setting the liner. After you have applied the wing with a liquid liner, take some eyeshadow of the same color on an angled brush and apply it on top.

This trick works on the waterline too. So, no more panda eyes!

5. Lip stain

Even if you are planning on creating a beautiful lip-look with lipliner, two different lipsticks and a gloss to top it off, starting off with a stain of some corresponding color will be a wise idea.

We tend to eat and drink a lot throughout the day, even when we are at work.

By applying a stain as a base layer, you will ensure that your lips have some color to them even when the lipstick is all gone.

6. No more smudged mascara

To avoid getting smudged bottom lashes, you can do the following trick. Before you coat your bottom lashes with your favorite mascara, make sure to put some translucent powder right under the lashes.

Apply a few layers of mascara, let it dry and dust off the powder. This way your bottom lash mascara will not flake and smudge.

7. Go heavy with the blush

For some unknown reason, blush tends to fade very quickly on the majority of the people. So, if you want to still have some blush on your face at the end of your working day, go a bit heavy-handed with it in the morning.

Alternatively, you can layer cream and powder brushes for a long-lasting effect.

8. Blotting sheets

Throw a pack of blotting sheets in your purse and take away excess oil every few hours. Even if you enjoy a naturally dewy look, the natural oils of your face are very likely to break down your foundation and everything else

Some makeup artists even recommend blotting right after applying the foundation. This helps to take away the excess product from the beginning.

9. Setting spray

A lot of makeup lovers do not believe in the power of setting spray. However, even if you think it does not extend the wear of your makeup, you can to another trick to help you freshen your look.

Apply some setting spray on your face and re-blend everything in with a sponge or a brush. This will make your makeup fresh as can be.

10. Apply less

One of the most effective ways of looking fresh even after wearing your makeup for 8 hours is applying a little less. Doing this will not only make it easier to touch up, but it will also help you avoid the caky face.

Applying some of these tips and tricks into your makeup application routine will help you extend the wear-time of your makeup and look beautiful and fresh even after several hours.

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