Minimalist Skincare Routine

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Korean 10 steps skin care routine has become very popular and I have written about it before in the past. However it can become very expensive buying the products required for all the steps and very time consuming. For me, my 2020 New Year’s resolution is to increase productivity, and lately I am finding that I am spending too much time and money on my skin care routine. So this year, I am switching to a new minimalist skin care routine which is also approved by a dermatologist. This routine is suitable for whoever is short on time or don’t want to spend a fortune on skincare products and wanting to look 5 years younger.

The goal of any skin care routine is to prevent skin pigmentation, wrinkle and aging.It should also protect the skin from the UV damage from the sun.

For the morning routine, the first step is cleansing, the cleanser you want to be using should be simple cleanser without any active ingredients. It should also be fragrance free and preservative free. An example of a simple and good cleanser is Cetaphil. 

Next step is applying an antioxidant to protect your skin against free radical. Most common antioxidant is vitamin c.  I suggest that you should look for vitamin c moisturizer so that it will keep your skin hydrate and protect your skin. I personally like The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% +HA Spheres 2%. But this is for my skin, skincare products are very individualize and your have to fine moisturizer that suits your skin.

The last step of the morning routine is applying the sunscreen, you should use sunscreen that is broad spectrum sunscreen with high SPF that’s also cosmetic elegant. The sunscreen don’t have to be expensive, one of my favorite is Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen, it’s not very expensive and work very well on my skin.

For the nighttime routine, the first step is to cleanse your skin with the same gentle cleanser that you used in the morning. This step is a must as your skin has been developing oil all day as well as exposed to all the dirt and grime from the pollution. This step is really important to remove all the makeup, dirt and grime from your skin.

It is recommended that you should exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week, the simplest way to exfoliate is to use the same cleanser you used in the morning and exfoliate your face with something like a Clarisonic, or Foreo. But if you’re on a budget an exfoliation pad or gloves will do. 

Next you need to apply anti-aging cream to treat and prevent wrinkles and fine lines, the most effective anti-aging cream is vitamin A. Vitamin A is commonly known as retinoid or retinol and it can cost of upwards of $100. However, I am a big fan of The Ordinary line, it is very good value for money. I personally use The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5% Squalane as it suits my skin very well.

An optional step is sheet mask, you can use sheet mask on your face before you apply the retinol, sheet mask will increase the skin absorption rate and make the retinol more potent, you should apply retinol immediately after the mask. However, I myself skipped this step as I don’t want to sit around waiting for the sheet mask to work. 

The last step is to apply moisturizer to your skin as needed. If your face is really oily or you feel that you don’t need the moisturizer then you can skip this step. But if it is winter or your skin is really dry, you can apply moisturizer that’s suitable for your skin type as the final step.


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