Reasons Why You Have Adult Acne

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Just when you thought that your years as a teenager are over and that all the acne would finally disappear from your face, you are hit with the adult acne. You tried so many things and treatments to get rid of it, but it wouldn’t just go away. This is the situation most women find themselves in. So, don’t worry when you see this is your reality. There is a treatment for acne that could quickly transform your look to an acne-free face. But first, it is essential to know and understand what the triggers are and what could actually be causing the acne. 

Using the wrong products

Do you buy and use products that are not formulated for your skin type? If this is the case, it could be one of the reasons why you are suffering from acne. No matter how many products and how strict you follow your skincare routines, using the wrong products will not change your condition. Instead, it may make it even worse. Have your skin tested to know your skin type, needs, and products to use? By so doing, you will be able to use products that are formulated for your skin type, and the results will be amazing.

Cleansing and exfoliating too often and intensely

Cleansing too often can cause drying of the skin, which stimulates your skin to overproduce oil as compensation of the lost oil every now and again you do the cleansing process. Cleansing and exfoliating too much can be irritating to the skin. This kind of irritation has an adverse effect on the skin. They help to worsen the condition of your acne. Both cleansing and exfoliating should be done with a lot of caution not to cause irritation and dryness on the skin. Gentleness is always advised by skin experts when doing these skin routines.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Do you love ice-creams, chocolates, candy, and other sugary things? This could be one of the reasons why acne remains persistent despite you doing everything else correct. Sugar is not only bad for your general health but also your skin. High sugar levels cause insulin levels to spike up. This, as a result, causes inflammation not only in your body but also face. The inflammation manifests as acne on the skin of your face. Reduce the levels of sugar intake in your body as a way of controlling acne on your face.

Air pollution

Do you live in an area where the air is contaminated with emissions from industries and vehicles? Or even work in an industry where there is so much air pollution going on? This could be a possible reason why your skin suffers from acne. The toxins and chemicals in the air may cause an adverse reaction on your skin; once in contact with your skin can result in acne. This is why it is important to always cleanse your face every night before going to bed. Do this, and you will observe a positive change on your face.


Going through different phases of life can be stressful for a person. This can have a negative effect on them, not only mentally but also physically. Where it can manifest physically as acne on one’s face. It is vital to have a positive mindset towards life to avoid stress. Engage in activities that keep your mind occupied with positive thinking. Also, surround yourself with friends and family that encourage you and bring out the best of your personality.

Hormonal imbalance

This type of acne associated with hormones in your body is known as hormonal acne. Usually happens when there is a hormonal imbalance in your body, often when the androgen levels like testosterone are increased. This type of acne is prevalent among teenagers who, through the puberty stage, experience fluctuations in hormone levels. This type of acne may persist in adulthood in some people. It is advisable to seek medical attention when seeking treatment. Your dermatologist should be able to help you get the right treatment for this type of acne. 

Intake of foods with very high cholesterol levels

Food with very high cholesterol levels like cheese, fatty beef, pork, cream, and butter can cause acne development on your skin. You may be doing everything else right and wondering why the acne is persistent. You may need to recheck your diet. Get rid of all foods that are rich in cholesterol in your meals. By so doing, you will be able to observe some very positive changes. Within no time, your acne will disappear. Get in the habit of consuming meals that are known to have significant benefits not only to your body but also your skin.

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