Skincare Products Never to Put on Your Face

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Here are the lists of some of the skincare products that you should avoid putting on your skin.

1. Bar soap

Bar soap is something that some of you might have used when you have nothing else available, but the problem with bar soap is that it is very drying, and it leaves a film on your skin. Bar soap contains harsh, unnatural chemicals that will strip your skin of essential nutrients and moisture, leaving your skin round and dry.

2. Mineral oil

Mineral oil, such as petroleum oil or jelly, can seals in the debris or dirt on your skin as well as clogging up your pores, which can lead to acne and blackheads.

3. Body lotion

As the name said,  the product is for the body and not for the face. The body lotion usually is thicker and have strong chemical and fragrances. The skin on your face is different than the skin on your body. It is a lot more sensitive; therefore, by using the body lotion on the face, it could clog up your pores leading to skin breakout. You should use a fragrances free and oil-free facial moisturizer for your face.

4. Alcohol-based skincare products

Alcohol removes the oil from your skin and dries your skin. However, when your skin realized that it’s missing oil, your skin will produce even more oil making your skin to become very oily, which can lead to skin breakout.

5. Fragrances

The majority of skin care products contain some form of artificial fragrance. As the skin on your face is very sensitive, these fragrances can cause breakouts or skin irritation. Therefore, when shopping for skincare products for your face, try shop for fragrance free products. 

6. Shampoo

The shampoo is okay for washing your hair. However, some people find it’s convenient to wash their hair and their faces at the same time or use shampoo in emergencies when running out of cleanser. However, that’s a no-no, the shampoo contains surfactants to remove dirt and oil from your hair, but they are too harsh for your facial skin. Using shampoo on your face will cause it to look dry and flaky.

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