Skincare Products You Should Not Buy

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There are so many skincare products on the market nowadays, some are worth what you pay for, but some are not. So how do you know what to spend your hard-earned money on? Here are lists of skincare products that are totally unnecessary or could be easily replaced by something you already have; therefore, you should not waste your money on these products.

1. Toner

Most of us use toner, hoping that it will remove remaining dirt from your face and tighten your pores after cleansing. However, toners were invented many decades ago to remove fatty acid residues from soap. These days, you can buy ph neutral cleansers, so there’s no need to use toner any longer. Most toners also contain alcohol, which can cause skin irritation. So instead of using a toner, just use a simple cleaser that’s fragance free and preservative free such as Cetaphil

2. Eye cream

Eye cream is another way that the beauty industry is making you spend more money on beauty products. What you’re paying for is a diluted face cream, and the thing is that eye cream is normally more expensive. So you are actually paying more for less. The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive part of your face, and it is about one third the thickness of your face. Therefore if you use your face cream around your eyes, the skin can become irritated. So what the manufacturers do is to use similar ingredients as the face cream but dilute it. So instead of spending your money on expensive eye cream, what you can do instead is to mix a quarter of your face cream with three-quarter moisturizer to dilute the face cream. You can adjust the ratio as needed after you tested the diluted face cream on the area surrounding your eyes.

3. Brow setting gel

Sometimes your brows can become unruly, and you want something to make them look beautiful and tidy. So instead of spending money on brow setting gel, you can use a dab of hair gel or hair spray and applied it to your eyebrow to keep them in order.

4. Stretch mark treatments

Unfortunately, stretch marks are developed from the inside of your body, so there’s nothing you can do to remove them cosmetically. All the expensive cream advertised to reduce the appearance of stretch mark does is merely moisturize the skin. Any cheap emollient moisturizer like petroleum jelly or cocoa butter will do the same job.

5. Kid’s sunscreen

Kid’s sunscreen is pure marketing by the manufacturer to get you to pay more money for the fancy colorful packaging. Kid’s sunscreen is based on adult sunscreen, and they have exactly the same ingredients. Besides, kid’s sunscreen comes typically in smaller packaging but costs more than adults. So next time, just use your sunscreen on your kids to save some money.

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