As our way of welcoming you to our community, we want to give you this PURE JADE ROLLER FREE!

Ancient Chinese Secret

Chinese people have been using jade rollers since the 17th century. These facial tools were one of the secrets of the flawless skin of Chinese women.

In Chinese medicine, the jade stone is believed to heal the skin and restore skin cells and it also has a purifying quality to it.

Solid Construction

Construct from strong Zinc Alloy in a continuous frame. It’s all one piece, not welded so it’s stronger than others and won’t bend or break.

It will roll smooth, without any sticking and definitely without squeaking. Enjoy a quiet, soothing face massage and help those wrinkles lift and soften!

Pure Xiuyan Jade

Fake stones are common amongst cheap face rollers, and unfortunately, they don’t deliver the benefits of real jade – so we deal directly with manufacture in China who owns a Xiuyan jade mine.  

And that’s why customers adore our pure jade roller for the perfect facial massage.