The Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes

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If you are a makeup lover, you know the struggle with keeping your brushes clean. How annoying it is when you reach out for a brush and see that it has a black eyeshadow on it and you cannot use it to blend a lighter shadow. Another case is when you put off cleaning your brushes for so long that the bristles get stuck together and it is easier to throw it away and buy a new one rather than to try to wash it.

No matter how boring it is to clean your brushes, you should understand how important it is for your skin. Not only that, there are multiple other benefits of keeping these makeup tools nice and clean.

•   Dirty brushes become home for a lot of bacteria. It is a perfect environment for them to develop. Have you ever been surprised by a random breakout on your face? If you are not cleaning your brushes regularly and well enough, they may quickly become a cause of pimples and texture on the face.

•   Bacteria are not the only thing that gets accumulated in the bristles. Dead skin cells, as well as oils, are also collected on brushes. This may easily cause clogged pores and lead to breakouts.

•   Clean brushes serve longer. Additionally, regularly washing your brushes keeps the bristles soft, and the makeup application becomes less scratchy and much smoother.

•   Clean brushes result in a better makeup application. Dirty brushes may leave strokes on the face and make the face products look patchy or muddy.

How Often Should You Clean Your Brushes?

Of course, it is recommended to clean your brushes as regularly as possible. So that to prevent the bristles from collecting a ton of bacteria on them. Try to get into the habit of cleaning your brushes every weekend.

It is especially important to keep the face brushes, such as the foundation and the bronzer brush clean, as they are the most used ones and deal with the entire face.

Silicone Brush Cleaning Pad – The Best Way to Clean Your Brushes

There are multiple ways to clean your brushes, but it is crucial to find one that will do the job and leave your brushes as clean as possible.

Many people choose the simplest method, which is cleaning the brushes with no tools – using only the palm of the hand. However, as the makeup industry is developing, many companies have started coming out with crazy devices and tools that are supposed to be the most efficient ways to clean makeup brushes.

Among all the alternatives, the best one is the silicone cleaning pad. Not only this simple cleaning tool is easy to store and travel with, but it can also give your brushes a deep clean and get rid of all the bacteria accumulated in the depths of the bristles. One more thing that makes the silicone cleaning pad the best way to clean the brushes is that it is very budget-friendly. You can easily find one on the market that is both affordable and good.

How to Use the Silicone Cleaning Pad?

Here is a step by step guide on how you can use silicone brush cleaning pads to give a good bath to your brushes.

1.   Put the silicone cleaning pad in the sink.

2.   Wet the brushes. Remember to keep the brushes facing down to avoid getting too much water into them.

3.   Dip the brushes into the soap of your choice. There are special brush cleaning soaps nowadays on the market. However, you can use plain Castile oil to keep your brushes clean. Many people use everyday shampoo and conditioner to clean their brushes.

4.   After you have dipped the brushes into the soap, dip them into some olive oil. This step is optional.

 Olive oil helps to keep the bristles soft and makes them less scratchy. Avoid using heavy oils as they are likely to leave the brush hair oily.

5.   Rub the brushes one by one on the silicone cleaning pad. These pads usually have different textures which help to give the brushes a deep clean. Swirl the brushes on the pad with circular motions. Once you have got out all the dirt out of your brushes, rinse them off under the running water. For face brushes, which tend to get a lot dirtier than, for example, eyeshadow brushes, you can repeat the procedure one more time.

6.   Keep a small towel on hand, and pat dry the brushes a little bit. Never swirl the brushes on a towel. Doing that will ruin the shape of the brush and will make the bristles shed.

7.   Put the brushes on a paper towel and let them dry. It is recommended to put them at an angle so that no water stays in between the bristles.

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