The Dark Side of Makeup That You May Be Not Aware Of

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The US Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) defines a cosmetic as an article intend to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into or otherwise applied to the human body. There are many reasons why people use cosmetics such as cleansing, beautifying, altering their appearance, attractiveness, among many more. You may not know the danger ahead of you when applying makeup. The loopholes in the governmental institution and the increasing demands for cosmetics causes manufacturers to produce more and more makeup; some of them don’t pass the safety regulations. Whether they have dangers to the consumer or not, to some manufacturers, it is none of their concern. This article will teach you about hazards that are brought about by the use of cosmetics, don’t wait to learn from your own mistake, learn from the experience of other people. Like the saying, only fools learn from mistakes while wise people will avoid them. 

1. Environmental Pollution

Most cases, when we buy cosmetics, our primary goal is to make yourself look beautiful and attractive. Little attention is given to Mother Nature. Governmental and non-governmental organizations like The United State Environmental Protection Agency are putting effort together to protect the environment is something to be celebrated. Without realizing, makeup also poses a threat to the safety of the environment.   Majority of cosmetic packages are plastics which take hundreds of years to decompose, so they pose a significant threat to the ecosystem.  The ingredients making up the cosmetics can be toxic. When washed they end up in oceans causing the death of aquatic animals and plants. Toxins which end up in the soil poison it;  this endangers the life of animals living there and plants growing in such soils. Many of the animals suffer reproductive related complications, genetic, and development changes. Many lose their lives because of these complications. Deforestation among plants which have ingredients for cosmetics like palm oil is also high leading to climate change.

2. Medical Care Cost

 Health problems associated with using cosmetics is high. This forced the government to spend a lot of money allocated for other development to treat patients with the cosmetics-related issue. Many of the cosmetics we buy contain potent chemicals that penetrate the skin to other deeper parts of the body. Strong chemicals have been linked to various types of cancer among them skin cancer. Therefore, as much as there are benefits in cosmetic, they also cause the rising cost in the health care system. 

3. Fire Hazard

Cosmetics which contain aerosol like a hair spray can easily catch fire. A cosmetic company, a home as well as a shop are at higher risk of fire break up if the cosmetics are not well kept. Therefore, there should be a definite safety mechanism for dealing with accidents of fire.  This is a danger that we all need to be alert when dealing with cosmetics. 

4. Time Consuming.

Applying makeup is not a simple task; a lot of time spend on applying makeup.  The time spends on makeup can be used more wisely elsewhere. Depending on the type of makeup, an average woman spent fifteen minutes per day for cosmetics. The danger is time wasted can never be recovered.

5. It Is Addictive

The repeated use of one type of product for a long time makes the skin to be addicted to it. This is dangerous if the product disappears in the market.  The change of the product can cause a reaction to your skin like itching, interfering with skin health. It can be time-consuming searching around just looking for product. 

6. Pre-Mature Aging of The Skin

 Chemicals from the ingredients making the cosmetic when used for an extended period penetrate the skin and damage it. This makes the skin to appear old.  Signs of aging skin are wrinkles and patchiness. Most cases, this effect becomes permanent on the face.

7. Discolored skin

The use of products such as sunscreen, moisturizers, and creams containing chemicals that bleaches or darkens the skin if not well regulated makes the skin to be discolored.  This is a permanent condition one should avoid the use of cosmetics with such a side effect. Research shows that use natural or herbal cosmetics are the best since they are free from chemicals or components leading to discolored skin.

In conclusion, the health of the skin is essential. Since it protects the entire body, there is a need for it also to be protected. All of us would like to look good when we go out to work, party, market, etc. The love for beauty should not be the source of exposing our body to harmful dangers which destroy our skin. These dangers are many, loopholes in the government institution have made it easy to flock the market with cheap cosmetics which have severe risks on the health of the skin. The best way of avoiding this danger is to buy a natural or herbal product.

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