What Is Skin Fasting And Should You Try It

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Lately, people have been going with the more, the better on their skincare routine. With the popularization of multi-steps skincare routine and ten steps Korean skincare routine, skin fasting is the total opposite of that. The latest trend of “skin fasting,” the idea is this: minimizing your skincare routine or even forgoing it altogether, for a set amount of time, will allow your skin to reset. The concept of skin fasting is popularized by Mirai Clinical, a skincare company committed to sharing “unique beauty secrets from Japan.” Their methodology draws inspiration from Hippocrates’s belief that traditional fasting can be used as a healing mechanism.

The benefits 

Your skin is affected by all the skincare products you put on your skin, telling your skin what to do. For example, by using skincare products with active ingredients such as retinol, AHAs or BHAs, you’re making your skin cell turn over faster, or in other words, speed up your skin renewal rate. Or by just moisturizing your face, you’re telling your skin to stop producing oil (natural sebum) because your skin is already moisture.

By fasting your skin or stop putting skincare products on your skin, it is like stopping telling your skin what to do. It is believed that your skin will return to its natural state, allowing your skin to do what it naturally does.

So skin fasting is like resetting your skin and improving the way your skin functions. Koko Hayashi, founder of Mirai Clinical Body Care says, “Japanese have studied the skin’s regeneration on a monthly basis and have proved that ‘skin fasting’ will improve your skin’s condition and detoxify skin impurities.”

Skin fasting seems to have many great benefits. However, please kind in mind that so far, I could not find any scientific studies that support the idea.

The fast

If you google for skin fasting on the internet, you will come up with different results. From skipping your entire skincare routine altogether so your skin can reset to giving up certain skincare products here and there.

But in reality, I think it’s come down to common sense, everybody’s skin is different, so what works for one person might not work for the next. The basic concept of giving your skin a break allowing it to reset sounds good. To give your skin enough time and space away from additives, in order for it to be able to hit the reset button and heal itself from within. But what you should give up is up to you, and I believe that it’s come down to experimentation. A good starting point would be to stop using products with active ingredients or additives. 

However, I believe certain products are still a necessity, such as a sunscreen, to prevent your skin from damage by UV rays.

Should you try it

I always believe that it is good to give your skin a break like not wearing your makeup when I am home during the weekend. But skin fasting is taking the meaning of giving your skin a break to another level. 

However, with everything happening in the world right now, where everyone is social distancing and self-isolating at home. There’s never been a better time to try skin fasting. You are not going anywhere or seeing anybody, it’s most likely that you’re not putting on many makeups already. So I would personally give skin fasting a try by giving up products with active ingredients and additives first and go from there, see how your skin feels. Give your skin a break for a week or two, allowing it to resets. Let me know how your skin feels if you try skin fasting.

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